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Durban Sherbet

A delicious and terp-forward cross of a Sunset Sherbert and a Mendocino f7 Landrace Durban, Durban Sherbet delivers a powerful punch with smooth creamy fruit flavors and a touch of citrus and skunk. Instantly lifted, one puff can send you into orbit! But the high mellows out into an uplifting and creative ride.

Genetics: Bag Seed Sunset Sherbert X Mendocino f7 Landrace Durban

Nose: bright terps that jump out at you when sniffed, Durban Sherbert smells creamy like peaches or papaya, with a piney hint of spice, a touch of citrus and a little skunky stank.

Taste: at first inhale, Durban Sherbet vapor has a bit of an astringent bite. A full, herbal flavor with a mix of fruit and a touch of skunk fills your taste buds as you enjoy the dab and exhale.

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